Fourth Generation-The Antebellum Era

Antebellum is a term used to describe a period of time occurring or existing before a particular war. In this case, the Civil War.  The Antebellum Era 1800-1860, in Georgia's history was fraught with drama and conflicts over issues of slavery, land fraud, the gold rush, the railroad, the Cherokees' forced exile known as the 'Trail of Tears, population growth and political discontent.
In Coxes District, Cobb County, Rene Marion Pittman and his family of wife Mary Ann Howell and five children are listed in the 1850 Census.  The Census does not state the value of Rene's property, but it is assumed from earlier records that he and his brother Joseph were heirs to their father's property which had been handed down through the generations from a Colonial Land Grant.  In the next ten years before the onslaught of the Civil War, much if not all of the Pittman land holdings in Gwinnett, Cobb and Paulding counties was lost. 
During the Antebellum Era Rene or 'Rainey' as he was called, and his wife Mary Anne Howell Pittman's family grew to nine children between 1842 and 1859.  They would have one more child during the height of the Civil War. 
Their ten children are the Fourth Generation of Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors.
William Howell Pittman
George Washington Pittman
Albert Singleton Pittman
James Allison Pittman
Mary Eugenia Pittman Howell
Fannie Margaret Pittman
Emma Pittman
Elizabeth Lizzy Pittman
Isaac Marion Pittman
Savannah Bartow Pittman Brown