Albert Singleton Pittman...Farmer and Family Man

Albert Singleton was the third born son of Rene Marion and Mary Anne Howell Pittman.  At the time of his birth the family lived in District 846 of Cobb County, Georgia.  Five years earlier, his father was listed in the 1840 Census as the head of house with wife, and 4 slaves...a couple with 2 male children.  Albert's older brothers, William Howell and George Washington were born in 1842 and 1843, respectively. 

The 1940 Census report is significant at the time of Albert's birth as it sets up the family's position on slavery which began two generations before when the Pittman Families were prominent planters.  During the 1840's and 1850's, farmers in Cobb County and surrounding counties were greatly influenced on the slavery issue by two prominent politician brothers, Thomas R. Cobb and Howell Cobb.

The names Howell and Cobb are names that from this time into the next generation of Pittmans was bestowed on a good many children.  Howell was also Albert's mother Mary Anne's maiden name.  A connection to the political Cobb brothers and the Howell family has not been researched in depth.  However, Albert's life was greatly influenced by his birthplace and his families surnames of Pittman and Howell.  One of those influences was discovered on his marriage certificate.

 Albert married Sarah Jane Pope on February 2, 1879.  He was 33 and Sarah was 26, and by standards of the day, were a bit late in marrying.  It was likely quite an event in the Pittman Family and was celebrated by relatives near and far.  So indicated by the signature on the Marriage License of Albert's Great Uncle, Judge Daniel Pittman of Atlanta.

Albert and Jane lived in Cobb County for the rest of their lives.  They had three sons and two daughters...all who remained close to the family farm, Cobb County and closely connected to both of their Family Surnames of Pittman and Howell. 
~Autrey Wells never married and devoted his life to farming in Cobb County Georgia. In 1920 he and his father farmed 91 acres in the Howells District of Cobb County. After the death of his father Albert Singleton in 1921, Autrey inherited 48 acres of the Family Farm which he continued to farm until his death in 1934. In the 1930 Census he is listed as Head of House with his mother Sarah Jane Pope Pittman age 76. She preceeded Autrey in death just one year before in February 1933. Autrey was the great grandson of Isaac Howell, and is buried in the Howell Family Cemetery near his parents, siblings, grandparents and great grandparents.   
~John Richard also lived on the farm, but worked as a merchant when he returned to Cobb County after the death of his son and the subsequent end of his marriage.  Those stories HERE and HERE.  John and his son John Reynold are also buried in the Howell Family Cemetery near his parents, siblings, parents and great grandparents. 
~Savannah Gertrude was named after her fathers sister, Savannah Pittman Brown.   She went by her middle name of Gertrude and married Albert J. Jordan at age 20 in 1906.  Gertrude and Albert lived their lives in nearby Douglas County.  They had 3 known children...one son died at one year old.  A second son lived well into the 20th Century until 1988.  S. Gertrude Pittman Jordan is also buried in the Howell Family cemetery beside her husband and young son.
~Rena Mabel was named after her grandfather Rene Marion.  She married into a neighboring farm family, the Jenkins, and moved there with her husband James Kenzie Jenkins. The couple lost several children in the early years of their marriage, but had at least two known daughters, Marion and Mable.  She and her husband are buried in the Howell Family Cemetery beside their two infants.
~Charlie Abbott, like his siblings remained close to his roots.  His first wife, Lillie, died in 1931.  He remarried Ruby Wade and they had two sons.  Charlie died in 1964 and Ruby in 1974.  They are buried in Davis Chapel Cemetery in Mapleton, Cobb County not far from the Howell Family Cemetery where his parents, grand parents and great grandparents are interred.
Father Albert S. Pittman and Mother Sarah J. Pope Pittman
Gone but not forgotten.