First Son~Second Generation...Ichabod Byrd Pittman

Although there is not a great deal of documentation on the life of Ichabod Byrd Pittman, he was born in a well documented and historically significant time in the life of his parents and grandparents who were pioneers in the expansion of the American Colonies in Georgia and the pursuit of Religious Freedom.

The first son of John Ichabod and Lucy Eunice Marshall Pittman, his birthdate has not been definitely established.  His parents were married in 1781 and his brother Marshall is documented with a birth year of 1783, therefore, it is accepted that Ichabod was born in 1782.

Ichabods mother, Lucy Eunice was the daughter of Daniel Marshall, the Patriarch of the Marshall Family and the Kiokee Baptist Church whose rich history is well documented in the realm and the pursuit of Religious Freedom and the establishment of the first Baptist Church in Georgia. 

Ichabod's father John and his Colonial parents John and Mary Rowe Pittman were followers and founding members of Daniel Marshalls Kiokee Baptist Church established in Columbia County, Georgia in 1772. 

It is highly probably that Ichabod Byrd was Baptized in the Kiokee Baptist Church Baptismal Pool which today is recognized as a Georgia Historical Landmark along with the Church that occupies the original land of the First Kiokee Baptist Church.

Ichabod Byrd Pittman and Frances Jackson Stone were married on October 12, 1807.  Frances was the daughter of Marvel and Mary Julia Napier Stone who prior to 1807, had been residents of Wilkes County, Georgia. 

In the 'Condition of Obligation' Certificate, which states what is assumed as her dowry of EIGHT HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN DOLLARS and FOURTEEN CENTS, Frances' brother Washington Ware Stone signed, sealed and acknowledge the document.

The wedding was likely to have taken place in the Kiokee Baptist Church with the Reverend Abraham Marshall performing the ceremony.  Abraham was Ichabod's Uncle who would have taken over the Ministry of his father Daniel who died in 1784, two years after the birth of his grandson Ichabod.

 By 1820 Ichabod and Francis were well established in Capt. Horatio Gatrells District in Columbia, Georgia, as seen in the 1820 US Federal Census.  This early Census was numerical enumerator only with the only name that of the Head of House/Landowner.  The following matches names with the numbers:
~Free White Males under 10.......Rene Marion Pittman
~Free White Males 10-15............Thomas Augustus Pittman
~Free White Males 26-44............Ichabod Byrd Pittman (38yrs)
~Free White Females under 10....Selina Ann Pittman
~Free White Females 26-44...........Frances Jackson Stone Pittman(37yrs)
Ichabod and Frances would have one more child, Joseph Marshall Byrd Pittman born July 24, 1823.

Four years and one month after Joseph's birth, Ichabod Byrd Pittman died on August 23, 1827.  Records of his death and burial have not been found.  The cause of death is not known, but there was an epidemic of Yellow Fever that swept through Georgia in 1827 which could attribute to the lack of death certification and a quick burial. 

Ichabod Byrd Pittman...3xGreat Grandfather
Memorial Burial at Family Cemetery
Mount Carmel United Methodist Church Cemetery...Unmarked grave.
Both of his Parents, brothers Hiram and Jeptha and sister Lucy Eunice Jenkins are buried there.
Frances Jackson Stone Pittman...3xGreat Grandmother 
Lived another 30 years, remained a widow and lived in Gwinnett County, Georgia
for most of the rest of her life.
Died January 28, 1857...Buried Paulding County, Georgia
Flint Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery 
 Her four children all grew to adulthood with son
Rene Marion Pittman
becoming the next Direct Ancestor and the beginning of the
Third Generation of American Pittmans
featured in
Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors.