John...Son of John, Grandson of John and On and On John's

If one was inclined, one could trace their family John's all the way back to Yochanan ben Zechariah aka John the Baptist.  The names John and William shared the most popular names in English-speaking countries from around 1550 until the middle of the twentieth century. 

Since John was the MOST popular name given to male infants in the US until about 1924, it is no surprise to find fifteen John Pittman's from 1726 through 1882 in our Direct Line only.

John, son of John Ichabod and grandson of John and Mary Polly, the Colonials, was born September 11, 1784 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, the third son of Lucy Eunice and John Ichabod. From birth through his youth, what as been said about his brothers Ichabod Byrd and Marshall also applies to John as boys raised by a successful farmer father and a mother who instilled a strong Christian faith on one hand with a firm grip on discipline on the other.

There are not many records to shed light on this John, as has been the case with his father and grandfather, however it is known that in his 58 years of life in Georgia, he was married twice,  fathered at least eight children and laid to rest one wife and three children before his own death on January 14, 1843.   At the age of 29, he married Mary Nobles in January 1814 and by June that same year he was a widower.  The cause of Mary's death is not known and it is also not proven that she was somehow related to John's Aunt Zilpha through her marriage to Blanton Nobles.  That story titled Colonial Daughter's Biblical Name Prophecy.

In 1819 at the age of 34, John and Martha Drucilla Johnson, 18 years of age were wed.  Martha gave birth to eight children from 1821 through 1842.  She outlived all of them and her husband, John.  Two of the children died as infants including son John, their only daughter Martha Elizabeth died at age ten, other sons died in their twenty's including Columbus C., a casualty of the Civil War.  His profile sketch will be in the Civil War section.

John, son of John, Grandson of John died on January 14, 1843.  His namesake, grandson John Anderson born in 1853, the son of John's son Joseph, would be the last hope for this line of John's to pass on the name John.  John Anderson's father Joseph was the longest living of John and Martha Drucillia's children.  He died at age 39 in August 1864...possibly another son lost to the Civil War.

This John's most notable contribution to the Pittman Family Tree may have been his second wife Martha Drucilla.  Without her, there would not have been  his namesake John Anderson and a direct line of descendants.  Martha Drucilla remarried after John's death to a man whose last name would change only tree letters of her last name....Isaac Pitts.  Thankfully his first name was not John. 

She died in 1868 at age 68 in Dooly County, Georgia where records indicate her son and grandson John Anderson resided.  She and all John's are perfect examples of.....
Every person in your Family Tree is 'Significant In Time' for there is no such thing
 as a life not meant for the person living it.